Text in Concept Details Table Not Displaying Properly


Version of Komet Reviewed: Version 1.3_03202019

1. Opened Komet.
2. In Taxonomy, selected: SOLOR concept, SNOMED CT Concept, Body structure, Anatomical or acquired body structure, Acquired body structure, Trigger point. It displayed the concept's information in the middle pane in Concept Details view.
3. In the middle panel, I clicked a new view option for Concept Details Table.

A) It displayed some of the information incorrectly in the REF, STR, and REL rows, as shown in the screenshot. See 1st screenshot below. NOTE: If I change the concept to Scar, then return to Trigger point, then the information in the Concept Details Table is shown correctly.

B) Is the information shown in the first DEF row shown correctly? It seems to be cut off.

C) Before I selected the Trigger point concept in the Taxonomy from the left panel, the middle panel displayed 2 tabs, both with the name of “empty”. Why did it open the concept in both of these tabs? Why wouldn’t it just open in 1 of the empty tabs?

D) When I entered “lung” in the search box in the right panel and then double-clicked on the search result of “Specimen from lung”, it wasn’t displayed in one of the concept details views in the middle panel. Shouldn’t it have been? See 2nd screenshot below,




Keith Campbell


Stephanie Klepacki