Concept Details Linkages Not Working Properly


Version of Komet Reviewed: Version 1.3_03202019

1. After opening Komet, in the middle panel, I clicked X to delete the two concept details tabs that are opened by default. No tabs were open in the middle panel and only the + w/down arrow icon was shown. See 1st screenshot below.
2. In the middle panel, I clicked the icon and then clicked Concept Details to open a new Concept Details tab.
It was opened with it linked to taxonomy.
3. In the left panel, I clicked SOLOR concept, SNOMED CT Concept, Body structure, Normal anatomy. The concept's information was displayed in the middle panel.
4. In the middle panel, I clicked the + w/down arrow icon and clicked Concept Details to open a second Concept Details tab.
5. It opened with the tab name of "empty". I then changed the current link of taxonomy to search. See 2nd screenshot below.
6. In right panel, I clicked Search, entered "heart" in the search box and pressed Enter.

7. I clicked on the search result of Specimen from heart.

BUG: It not only showed the concept of Specimen from heart (the item I had searched for) in the 2nd concept details I had opened, it also changed the view link from taxonomy to search in the first concept details I had previously opened even though I had not changed the link in that concept details tab. See 3rd screenshot below.

NOTE: I tried to see if this would happen without having to close the two default concept details that are opened when I open Komet but I couldn't get it do it. It's only when I deleted the defaults.




Stephanie Klepacki


Stephanie Klepacki