Concept Details Unlinked View Not Working Correctly


Version of Komet Reviewed: Version 1.3_03202019

1. Upon opening Komet, in the left panel, I clicked SOLOR concept, SNOMED CT Concept, Body structure, Normal anatomy. The concept's information was displayed in the middle panel in one of the two default concept details views that were opened.
2. In the middle panel in the other default Concept Details view, I changed the link from taxonomy to search.
3. In the right panel, I clicked Search, entered "heart" in the search box and pressed Enter.
4. I clicked on the search result of Specimen from heart. The concept's information was displayed in the middle panel in the concept details view linked to search.
5. In the middle panel, I opened a third Concept Detail view and changed the link to Search. Now, my search results of Specimen from heart was shown in the two Concept Details views that were linked to search.
6. In the third concept details view (still linked to Search), I changed the link to Unlinked.
POSSIBLE BUG: While it now showed the chain as not linked, the concept information for the previous search result is still shown. Shouldn't it have cleared it and replaced it as "empty" with nothing shown? See 1st attached screenshot.

ALSO: I received a message regarding two inferred roots. Not sure if that’s an issue or not but wanted to report it. See 2nd attached screenshot.





Keith Campbell


Stephanie Klepacki