Turn Off Inactive Concepts in Simple Search & Add Option to Display


Version of Komet Reviewed: Version 1.3_03202019

When I do a search on "help" with simple search, there is a search result for an inactive concept of "Home help: [person] or [provision]" (SCTID=160773000) that isn't found when I do an extended search on "Home help". See screenshot. Should there be a difference between the results for simple and extended search?

Per Keith 7/1/19, it's because extended search is displaying both active and inactive concepts.

My preference is that both simple and extended search display only active concepts BUT have an option to display inactive concepts AND that option is easy to find/obvious on how to use it. I would like to see a checkbox for "Display both Active and Inactive Concepts?" somewhere near the box where the user enters the search criteria.


Keith Campbell
July 20, 2019, 6:10 PM

Simple search now has the same default behavior as advanced search. Only descriptions for active concepts are included in the search by default.

Stephanie Klepacki
August 13, 2019, 5:52 PM

Version of Komet Reviewed: 5.1.1-BATCH-SNAPSHOT-b

Verified that simple search is now searching only active concepts, which is how extended search was searching and the concept of "Home help: [person] or [provision]" (SCTID=160773000) is no longer displayed in simple search.

QUESTION FOR KEITH: Are you not going to provide an option to search for inactive concepts or both active and inactive? [NOTE: I asked Keith about this in Glip on 8/13/19.]


Stephanie Klepacki
August 13, 2019, 6:10 PM

Per Keith in Glip re: my question to him: I think we need some more user feedback to decide. The simple search currently only displays active, but the advance search has more configuration options. Personally, I think the "simple search" is to simple, and that we should only present the more advanced search, and retire simple search. One less thing to learn and maintain.

What do you think?

I responded: I think having one search feature is fine as long as it’s user friendly.


Keith Campbell


Stephanie Klepacki