Komet Preferences - Window Configurations, KOMET Window Not Working Correctly


Version of Komet Review: 5.1.1-BATCH-SNAPSHOT-b

1. After I had launched Komet and was viewing some concepts, I clicked the Komet toolbar, then Komet Preferences.
2. I clicked the down arrow next to Window configurations, then clicked Komet window.
3. In the left tab, I searched for Concept details and selected Concept details tree table.
ISSUE #1: I wasn't sure what to do because there wasn't a Cancel or Save option. I ended up getting back to the window I was at before and it showed in the left tab my addition for Concept details tree table. I thought I might need to click Add shown below Komet Preferences but that added “Window tab configurations” under Komet window. What does that mean and how is it different from what I did above?

ISSUE #2: In the left tab, only Taxonomy view was included. I closed and reopened Komet thinking the change might not be effective until I close/reopen Komet but the added view still wasn't shown. (See 1st screenshot below.)

ISSUE #3: When I added Taxonomy view to both the Center tab and Right tab and I could see that view option listed in Komet Preferences, when I closed the window (again, there isn’t a Cancel or Save option and I think there needs to be), after I exited and reopened Komet, Taxonomy was not included in the Center tab and Right tab sections. However, Concept details tree table was still included in the left tab. (See 2nd and 3rd screenshots below.)

ISSUE #4: The Komet Preferences window is using terms that are inconsistent with the user guide. The guide refers to these as panels but here, it’s using “tab.” Also, the guide refers to the middle panel but here it’s referring to Center tab nodes. I think the terms used in the guide and the editor need to be consistent.




Keith Campbell


Stephanie Klepacki