Adding Persona Allows No Panes Enabled


Version of Komet Reviewed: KOMET 5.1.1-BATCH-SNAPSHOT-c

1. Clicked Window, New Window, Default persona.
2. Clicked Komet preferences then the new persona that was added.
3. It displayed the Komet Preferences window. I changed the window name from Default persona 2 to Test persona.
4. Unchecked Enable left pane, Enable center pane, and Enable right pane.
5. Clicked Save. See 1st screenshot.

BUG: *It let me save without displaying a message saying at least one pane needed to be enabled. Shouldn't at least one pane have to be enabled? * It appeared to save it and it was shown in the left frame as "Test persona" under Window configurations. I clicked the red X to close it. Test persona was now the active window in Komet. However, all 3 panes were enabled. I thought I might need to exit Komet and come back in so I did. When I did, then it worked. See 2nd screenshot below. After that, I edited test persona to enable the left pane.

Also, why doesn’t the persona I added show up in Komet Preferences under Personas, like the default persona does, and instead, shows up in Window Configurations? See 3rd screenshot below. It’s not clear to me what the difference between a persona and a window configuration is. It seems that for persona, you also get the option to restrict the view options. However, I’m not choosing to add a window configuration, I’m choosing to add a persona so I would expect the same type of functionality would be available to me that is available to the default persona.

Further, unlike Default persona, why am I not able to restrict the view options that are shown and I can only restrict the tab options?






Keith Campbell


Stephanie Klepacki