Default persona Doesn't Save Name Change


Version of Komet Reviewed: 5.1.1-BATCH-SNAPSHOT-c

1. After I had reinstalled Komet due to error reported in SIK-1039, I launched Komet.
2. I went to Komet preferences, clicked and under Personas, clicked Default persona.
3. I changed the name to "Stephanie's persona" and clicked Save.

BUG: While it appeared to keep the name change and under Personas, it showed "Stephanie's persona", under Windows configurations it still showed Default persona, which I don't think should exist anymore since I renamed it, and Komet had as the active window Default persona. However, when I clicked Window, New Window, it showed Stephanie's persona and not Default persona.

FYI-see below. I performed these steps as I thought the same thing that happened in might happen here but it didn't.
5. I closed and reopened Komet. The same thing as described in the bug description above.
6. I then clicked Komet Preferences and changed the name back to Default persona and clicked Save. Now in Komet Preferences, it shows Default persona for both Personas and Window configurations.
7. I closed and reopened Komet and the same thing happened as #6 above, which is correct.




Barnabas Ravindranath
September 6, 2019, 6:54 PM

Hello Stephanie,

Thank you for your comment. We appreciate it. A LIVD roadmap has been created to track development progress. This roadmap has identified seven key milestones.

1. Integrate UMLS

2. LOINC Importation

3. Assemblage Filter

4. Persona Testing

5. LIVD & Persona Integration

6. LIVD Export


We hope to address this issue, Default Persona Doesn’t Save Name Change, in the milestone(s) development, Persona Testing, that will happen between 9/9 - 9/20.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment. Have a great day.


Keith Campbell


Stephanie Klepacki