Komet Locking Up After Exiting Komet Window


Version of Komet Reviewed: 5.1.1-Rx2

1. Opened Komet.
2. Clicked Window, New Window, Komet Window. The new window was defaulted to name of Komet 2.
3. Went to Komet Preferences and under Window configurations, I believe Komet 2 was already shown with its configurations. I didn't change anything or click Save or any other button on this window.
4. Went outside of Komet Preferences window on the left and clicked the red X in the upper-left of the Komet 2 window (NOT in the Komet Preferences window).
5. Clicked the orange X for the Komet Preferences window (to hide it).
6. Clicked the red X in the Komet window. It then closed Komet.
7. Reopened Komet.
BUG: This time, the opening window was displayed, several tasks ran and completed. Then it displayed "No tasks running" but it didn't do anything else and was locked up. I had to force quit it. I tried opening it again and the same thing happened. I had to delete everything and reinstall it.

NOTE: I believe this is happening anytime a user exits either a new Komet window they have created or the default Komet window by clicking the red X in the upper left-hand corner of the window.




Keith Campbell


Stephanie Klepacki