SNOMED CT SOLOR Extension Browser: Problem when Changing Languages


4 language options are available (English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese). When I changed the language to Dutch (shown as Dansk), in the Concept Details toolbar menu (where it has Summary, Details, Diagram, etc.), it didn't change the language for the menu items as it did if another language was chosen. For example, when I chose Spanish, the toolbar option for Summary was shown as "Resumen." In the IHTSDO browser for the Dansk option, it did change the toolbar men options, such as it had "Opsummering" for Summary. Also, for the Parents and Children windows, the titles were not changed either but in the IHTSDO browser they were.

The attached screenshots show 1) how the toolbar menu options and Parents and Children headings ARE changed when the Spanish language is shown and 2) how they are NOT changed when the Dutch language is shown.




Susan Castillo


Stephanie Klepacki

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