SOLOR Viewer (same thing may be happening in KOMET) Ability to Add Issues in Concept Details is Problematic


See the attached screenshots. I added a Content Issue to Acute Heart Disease disorder. Next, I tried adding a KOMET issue and nothing happened when I clicked that option. Then I tried adding a QA Rule issue and nothing happened. I next tried adding a Content issue and again, nothing happened. It's like it liked up for that feature. Notice in the 2nd screenshot (11.14.18) that the display looks different as well immediately underneath Expand All in the concept details panel. I noticed this happened when I had chose to add a KOMET issue. NOTE: When I exited the viewer and came back into it, the issues I had tried adding, but was unable to add anything for the description, now were listed (see 11.26.53 screenshot). When I look at the STAMP details, it shows they were uncommitted, which is correct because it didn't do anything after I clicked to add each of them.


Keith Campbell


Stephanie Klepacki


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