Concept Details, Concept, Revert Option Doesn't Seem to Work Like It's Supposed To


Viewer Reviewed: SOLOR Version v 1.2

1. I searched Body Structure and Phenomenon for "Heart."
2. I chose Acute Heart Disease. I have been testing this one so there are multiple entries for when I changed the concept status from Active to Inactive and vice versa. The current status is Active.
3. I clicked Expand All to see all of the history for CON.
4. I clicked the Revert checkbox in the first Inactive entry (see screenshot from 12.08.31).
5. I clicked the pencil to edit the description and clicked Edit Concept (I think that's what it said).
6. The revert box was still checked for the item I had chosen. I clicked Commit.
7. ISSUE: When it left that window and came back to the main window, it did not change the status back to Inactive. (See screenshot from 12.09.43.)
8. ISSUE: When I tried it again by clicking Revert, then the screen changed and did not include the pencil icon so I could edit the concept (see screenshot from 12.19.12). I viewed a different search result (Heart Valve Disorder), and no info was shown for it (see screenshot from 12.35.59). Then I went back into Acute Heart Disease and no info is shown in the Concept Details panel (see screenshot from 12.38.05). The only way to fix it is to quit the viewer and come back in. This same problem keeps happening when I'm doing other testing and I have to restart the viewer.




Keith Campbell


Stephanie Klepacki


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