Estimate effort to containerize the Logica Sandbox


We need to be able to change the current deployment scripts to deploy to docker-hub. Users should be able to download the sandbox image from docker hub and run docker compose up and pass in environment variables and start the sandbox locally. Windows docker images will not be supported.


Gopal Menon
October 26, 2020, 3:51 PM

Sandbox manager, reference api, reference auth and the front end commits to master are already resulting in docker images being pushed to docker hub. In order to containerize the sandbox so that a local instance can just be downloaded and run, we would need to

  1. Change the images being pushed to docker hub so that they are ready to be downloaded and run locally. We would need to first check why they are being pushed to docker hub. Are these being used currently for some purpose?

  2. We would need an image for the database that can be downloaded.

  3. We would need another image for a local Keycloak server or we would need to take out Keycloak authentication for a local instance.

  4. We would need to make images for other applications like patient picker and patient data manager.

  5. We would need a docker compose script that would bring up all the services.

Gopal Menon
October 28, 2020, 3:56 PM

Tasks and first shot at estimate:

  1. Update pipeline scripts to make docker images usable for local deployment. Images for sandbox manager, reference auth, reference api, user interface, patient data manager, patient picker, ehr simulator and bilirubin risk app. 8 apps - 10 days. Any more apps needed?

  2. Create docker image for  keycloak server with local users. 2 days.

  3. Create docker image for database with template sandboxes. 2 days.

  4. Docker compose script to bring the entire local deployment. 3 days.

  5. Unit testing for each image. 2 days.

  6. Integration test. 4 days.

Total 23 person days.

Gopal Menon
November 3, 2020, 12:06 AM

Sent the estimate to the team.


Gopal Menon


Gopal Menon