Containerize the Logica Sandbox


Containerize the Logica Sandbox so that it can be deployed locally. This is so that someone who is not an Enterprise user, and cannot access the Sandbox hosted on the cloud, can run a local instance.


Gopal Menon
January 15, 2021, 5:41 PM

Patrick’s issues were related to port conflicts. A google doc is being prepared for users -

Gopal Menon
4 days ago

Was able to run the sandbox on Linux mint. I added instructions and will polish them up tomorrow.

Gopal Menon
2 days ago

Added updates to Linux Mint instructions. This was for a separate desktop machine.

I am trying to get the sandbox up and running on a Linux virtual machine using VirtualBox. Tried with Ubuntu first and then Linux Mint. Tried first with 8 GB RAM and 100 GG disk. Then upped it to 16 GB RAM. The sandbox has errors while starting up. Will check and see if docker needs separate memory allocation.

Gopal Menon
2 days ago

The problem was that the hapi fhir server containers could not see the database. However, the reference auth container can see the database.

Gopal Menon
20 hours ago

In a meeting with Nikolai today morning, we decided not to do the virtual machine install.


Gopal Menon


Gopal Menon