More PDM Fixes


Condition Resource
o [DONE] onsetDateTime is no longer in the tool. We use this element regularly so it would be great if you could add it back.
o [DONE] dateRecorded is a date field in DSTU2.1 and is in PDM but is saved as a datetime field in the resultant .json file when you export the resource/patient bundle.
o [DONE] We don’t need this element but I wanted to let you know that category doesn’t save. I think it used to be called type in the prior version of PDM.

Immunization Resource
[DONE] The wasNotGiven element cannot be entered from the main screen but can be from the second screen once the resource is created.

FamilyMemberHistory Resource
This resource does not contain the condition element and related fields and we use this regularly.

o [DONE] There are some elements that appear in the resultant .json file whether or not data are entered for them (e.g., condition. severity and related fields). We need to delete them from the resultant .json file because NULL values are not allowed in fhir.
The screenshots below also demonstrate the category and dateRecorded issues mentioned above (third image).
o [DONE] Most of the dates (e.g., procedure.performedDateTime, encounter.period.start and end, etc.) don’t save initially when you create the resource (1st screenshot) unless the time and AM/PM are entered but then do if you save the resource and re-enter them subsequently (2nd screenshot).

For some dates, even If you enter the full datetime from the main screen then go into the resource, it looks like the datetime was not saved but when you click on the field, then it appears. - This is a problem I have tried to figure out, it has to do with “variable” fields and they all have this problem

[DONE] Observation resources don’t save at all unless you enter the full datetime from the main screen (first 2 images).




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