Resolve ANF Logical Model publication


Hi Preston:

Apparently the ball is on our court to follow up on your email from December 6th. Would it be possible to resolve the publishing issues in the next 3-4 weeks or this is a more lengthy process?
 I attached the Project Plan you proposed on December 6th – with some comments and suggestions. Have you received any additional feedback?
 BTW, could we just add an appendix to the September 2016 MOU to address the joint copyright notice? It seems to me that it belongs in the same document
Delaying the ANF publication date may impact our next ANF/Solor-related ballots and engagement with stakeholders so I’m trying to understand if this going to be swift matter or protracted discussion/project.

If we are not able to resolve the joint publication terms in the next 4 weeks, I would like to propose a divide-and-conquer approach that allow us make progress:
1. publish the ANF HL7 specification first (we’ve met all the arduous conditions required by HL7 including TSC comments) with one copyright,
2. reach the joint publication copyright concerns and the “Joint Project Plan” you proposed;
3. once Logica and HL7 terms are agreed, I will add the Logica copyright. Presumably at that point Logica will also publish the ANF specification for its own members.



Acceptance Criteria SOL

  • Remove obstacles to publishing standards developed jointly between Logica and HL7

  • Publish ANF specification as a joint HL7/Logica specification

  • Alternatively: publish the ANF specification as an HL7 specification..


Ioana Singureanu




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