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Use Case(s)

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<name of refset>SARS coronavirus-2 may increase morbidity and mortality on those with with underlying medical conditions such as chronic respiratory diseases.


COVID-19 Respiratory Underlying Condition Reference Set

Purpose of Refset

<describe in words what the refset will be used for>The purpose of this reference set is to document underlying respiratory conditions described in COVID-19 case reporting forms.

Examples of what to include

<Provide examples of content that would be included in this refset>Bronchiectasis, Bronchiolitis obliterans, Chronic bronchitis, Chronic respiratory failure

Examples of what to exclude

<Provide examples of content that should not be in this refset>Non-respiratory conditions

Zero or one OR Zero or more

<Is there no more than one value from the refset that can be selected? or Are there more than one? e.g. ethnicity>

Editorial Guidelines

<Describe any Editorial Guidelines that are needed for this refset

e.g. concept should not indicate presence or absence just describe the phenomena that is being measured>Zero or more

Editorial Guidelines

Concepts will come from clinical finding hierarchy.

Similar SOLOR Refsets (assemblages)

<List similar existing refsets in SOLOR.>COVID19 Underlying Medical Condition Reference Set

Associated Value Sets

<Any related value set that is already published. How is this refset the same and how is it different? Whenever a new refset is created look in VSAC and see if one already exists? Proposer of refset does a search and lists value set/refset here that the content developer would review.>COVID19 Underlying Medical Condition Reference Set