Academic and Professional Education (APE) Group

AIM: Build a workforce proficient in standards-based representation of data, information, and knowledge in health information technology (HIT) applications for sharing, use and re-use across participating stakeholders. Educate the workforce via academic education in schools of medical, nursing, public health, their informatics and computer science programs and professional development for health organizations, professional associations, public health agencies, clinical research organizations.

WHO SHOULD JOIN: Healthcare organizations’ Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) professionals, organizations’ informatics and analytics staff, academicians, vendors’ business analysts, and standards developers.

CO-CHAIRS: Anna Orlova and Lee Wise

COORDINATORS: Linda Chan and Harriet Costa

MEMBERS: Click here for membership list

MEETING/CALL SCHEDULE: Call Calendar Tuesdays, bi-weekly, 12:30pm - 1:30pm ET Call Notes


Under development

  • Curriculum and content for educational modules on computable clinical pathways development and adoption for academic courses, professional certification, and vocational training

    • Online tutorials and materials for educational webinars, presentations, online training, etc.

    • Reference Implementation Tooling/BPM+ Education Toolkit including inventory of content management, modeling and other software and tools

    • Mentorship for student capstone projects and educators

    • Presentations and webinars in collaboration with professional associations