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Project Administration

For assistance contact: Laura Marcial or Harriet Costa or Linda Chan

Create a field survey assessment instrument for front-line care worker support. Create a mobile app that is downloaded to the phone (opt-in) of front-line care workers. The user can register at different levels and agree to participate at different levels. Basically they answer a survey. The frequency and depth of questions is based upon the user's agreed level of participation and their role. One questionnaire profile is to ask them their temperature once a day and have they been exposed. The app reminds them daily. Based upon previous responses, location and other factors the questions can evolve. The app could be extended to include population dynamics, group exposures, etc.

Recurring Meeting Details

The work team is meeting weekly via MS Teams at the link below. All interested parties are welcome to participate. Note that all contributions are considered to be in good faith and should not contain any protected intellectual property or patent infringements. All work will be made public intended for broad use in support of the COVID pandemic.

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