Knowledge Graph and Interactive Tool (Detailed Navigation)

Link to hosted version of RGraph Prototype


Status Update(s)



Status Update(s)


2020-10-07 UX Design Session Video: Activity Data Entry



2020-06-24 zip of current state of prototype


download and unzip to view. open index.html for the instructions; Rgraph2.html for the prototype

Video recording of 05-14-20 Meeting



2020-05-20 Link to API documentation for tooling

API Documentation


2020-05-21 current state of Navigator prototype


To view the prototype, download and expand the zip file. Replace the data.js file with the current one.

Open RGraph1.html to view the Graph.

index.html contains notes for a previous project, but the RGraph link will work

2020-06-11 data file


Additional examples, combined from Andrew and Lorraine

2020-06-11 prototype

Jihoon’s prototype

2020-06-04 data file


Initial example with 3 sample assets.

2020-05-21 data file



2020-05-21 data example with URL