Logica Membership

3 Steps to Become a Member of Logica

Step 1: Choose your membership type.Step 2: Sign a membership agreement, assign representative.Step 3: Pay the membership dues.
There are 4 different types of membership. Use the matrix below to determine which one works best for you or your organization. Or feel free to reach out to us at membership@logicahealth.org. We'll help you find the membership type that works best for you or your organization.Once you've settled on a membership type, contact us at membership@logicahealth.org and we'll walk you through the process of signing the membership agreement.Once you or your organization has signed the membership agreement, we'll invoice you for the membership dues for the membership type you selected as well as any one-time payments required if you are coming in as a Benefactor member. As soon as your dues have been received, you're a member!

Click on the PDF thumbnail below to view the membership matrix and membership rights in detail.  Scroll to view the full two pages.