Build Your App using the Logica Sandbox


This guide walks you through the process of building your own SMART on FHIR app using the Logica Sandbox.

Choose an Application Style

Logica supports the types of applications specified by SMART on FHIR.  These include client applications (mobile, web, desktop) and systems applications (backend services).  Applications are also build for a specific type user.  The general types of users are a patient, their family, and a healthcare provider (doctor, nurse, pharmacist, etc).  Applications can use technical solutions and languages that fit their business needs.  Applications have been written in iOS, HTML5/JavaScript, Python, Java, and .NET.  The first step in building an application is to determine the application type.  For example, I would like to build an application for Lab Technicians that lets them connect their iPad to the lab system at the EHR to do XYZ.

Create Your Own Sandbox

The Logica Sandbox model is similar to the repository model of GitHub or BitBucket.  We host the Logica Sandbox and you can create an instance of the sandbox (similar to a source code repository) for your applications and data.  To create your own sandbox, you first create an account with Logica, then a sandbox.  Both can be done from

Start Coding

Once you have a sandbox, you can start coding your app.  Logica offers several Quick Start projects that get a simple app launching from your HSLogica

Launch your Application

During the development of your app, you will likely launch it several times.  See Launch Your App from the Logica Sandbox for details.