Quick Start


This guide is a high-level introduction to the process of building and publishing Logica applications.

Step 1: Get your app started quickly using an Logica starter project

Logica uses the SMART on FHIR specification for authorization, launch, context, and scope.  The best way to get your app off the ground quickly is to use an Logica starter project.  Starter projects are available for JavaScript, Java, and mobile.  We recommend app developers use a starter project to quickly connect to and launch from an EHR (such as the Logica Sandbox).  App developers can then add business logic and user interfaces easily.  Alternatively, starter project artifacts can be merged into an existing codebase but this process is not recommended for first time users.

Choose a starter project that matches the architecture style of your app:







Java Spring MVC

Java Standalone MVC


Coming soonComing soon


Java Spring IOC

(not vendor supported)

Step 2: Launch your app from the Logica Sandbox

Typically a SMART on FHIR app is hosted on your server; however, with SMART on FHIR, your app is launched from within an EHR (Cerner, Epic, Logica Sandbox, SMART on FHIR Sandbox, etc).  Throughout the development cycle, you will launch your app many times.  See Launch Your App from the Logica Sandbox for detailed instructions.

Step 3: Register your app with the Logica Sandbox

You can register your app with the Logica Sandbox at any time during development.  When you register your app, you will get a client_id for your app within the Logica Sandbox.  Use this new client_id when launching from the Logica Sandbox.  See Register Your App in the Logica Sandbox for detailed instructions.