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This section provides detailed guides with instructions on how to build and publish Logica applications.


This section includes the technical specifications and other details for understanding and implementing the Logica technology stack.


This section includes different examples of Logica sample code that you can use or learn from when building and publishing Logica applications.


This section provides a series of interactive lessons on understanding various Logica software components and how to build and publish Logica applications.


This section includes the most frequently asked questions about Logica software development from our discussion groups and meetings.


This section lists the different ways to get help and support from the Logica developers team.


The FHIR Sandbox is a system for app developers to create apps.

Logica Bilirubin Risk Chart App

The Logica Bilirubin Risk Chart app graphs the risk of an infant developing Kernicterus due to elevated bilirubin levels in the first 120 hours.

Logica Patient Data Manager App

The Logica Patient Data Manager app is a SMART on FHIR application that is used for managing the data of a single patient.  

Logica Appointments App

The Logica Appointments app is a SMART on FHIR application that shows appointments within the EHR.  

Logica SMART Java Client Library

The Logica Java Client library is a Java library that uses the SMART on FHIR specification to integrate a Java app to an EHR.

Logica Reference API

 The Logica Reference API is a FHIR Resource server that adds extensions for the SMART on FHIR security and launch model.

Logica Reference Auth

The Logica Reference Auth app contains a Mitre OpenID Connect (OpenID and OAuth 2.0) server and extensions for the SMART on FHIR specification.

Logica Reference Messaging

The Logica Reference Messaging system is designed to support FHIR Subscription resources and show how such patterns can be part of an enterprise content-based routing solution.

Logica Reference SMART Apps

The Logica Reference Apps WAR contains third party and Logica apps that follow the SMART on FHIR specification.