Blood Pressure Device Cuff Size Refset

Use Case(s)

See linked article " New AHA Recommendations for Blood Pressure Measurement" describing why cuff size is clinically significant:


Blood pressure device cuff size refset

Purpose of Refset

This reference set contains concepts used to result the size of a blood pressure cuff used during a blood pressure measurement, referencing the SNOMED Code 722471002 "Size of blood pressure cuff (observable entity)" and the LOINC term "Blood pressure device Cuff size" 8358-4.

Examples of what to include

This refsets include blood pressure cuff sizes ranging from neonatal cuff size 1 to large thigh cuff. 

Examples of what to exclude

Tourniquet sizes are to be excluded.  

Zero or one OR Zero or more

Zero or one

Editorial Guidelines

This reference set should be derived from children of 70665002 |Blood pressure cuff, device (physical object)|

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Associated Value Sets

FHIMS (Jay Lyle) has created a value set that is not yet published. We will update, publish and use this value set. Blood pressure cuff size OID 2.16.840.1.113883.3.2074.1.1.48

Blood pressure cuff size