Suicide Refsets




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20180514May 14th 20181
20180824August 24th, 20183
20180930September 30th 20185
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Combined Comprehensive Suicide Risk Assessment Content Reference Set20180824August 24th 2018255This refset is used to capture, record and retrieve content related to suicide risk assessment that may be used by the VA Mental Health Program Office (VA MHPO)
Comprehensive Suicide Risk Assessment (VA MHPO)20180514May 14th 20186This refset provides items from the Veteran's Administration Mental Health Program Office Suicide Behavior and Overdose Report) which have been encoded with SNOMED CT.
Psychotherapy procedures refset20180930September 30th 20188This refset contains content from the VA Mental Health Program Office Program Office used to record and retrieve data related to psychotherapy procedures
Suicide Related Content Reference Set20180824August 24th 2018390This refset collects the content drawn from other suicide related refsets, such as VA Mental Health Program Office (MHPO), the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) and others.
Suicidal risk and self-directed violence - Columbia Reference Set20180930September 30th 201828This refset contains SNOMED International and SOLOR extension content relevant to identifying and treating persons at risk for suicide and self-directed violence. The content is primarily drawn from the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale Screener (C-SSRS) and from the VA-CDC Self-Directed Violence Classification System (SDVCS)