Exercise Association Reference Set

Use Case(s)

Measurements are often taken at rest, during or after exercise. Values in the reference set are used to document the exercise associated with an observation.


Exertion Association Reference Set

Purpose of Refset

The purpose of the reference set is to document exercise associated with a measurement. Resulting LOINC code 74008-4 "Exercise intensity".

Examples of what to include

At rest, during exercise, after exercise

Examples of what to exclude

Non-exertion types of challenges that may impact body measurements.

Zero or one OR Zero or more

Zero or one

Editorial Guidelines

Members of this reference set should be children of 309601007 |Temporal periods relating to exercise (qualifier value)|.

Similar SOLOR Refsets (assemblages)


Associated Value Sets

The following LOINC List is in LOINC.LL2553-7 Exercise intensity / Light/moderate/vigorous exercise intensity.