Respiratory Rate Measurement Device Refset

A respiratory rate is often recorded by an instrument. This refset contains the instruments used to measure breaths per minute.

Use Case(s)

Patient's respiratory rate is a common assessment and is occasionally measured via a device or instrument. This reference set is a list of instruments for documenting it's use during the assessment.


Respiratory Rate Measurement Device Refset

Purpose of Refset

This reference set contains concepts used to result the type of device used to measure respiratory rate and related indicators of respiratory function (such as concentration of carbon dioxide), referencing the LOINC term "Type of Breath rate device" 9277-5.

Examples of what to include

Values included in this list may include items such as cardiac monitor, ventilator, etc.

Examples of what to exclude

Devices that do not measure the respiratory rate.

Zero or one OR Zero or more


Editorial Guidelines

The value set should be derived from children of 49062001 |Device (physical object)|.

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