Quantitative Result Interpretation Reference Set

Use Case(s)

Clinical guidelines exist for normal ranges for measurements such as urine dipstick, systolic blood pressure, temperature or height. There are also guidelines as to how to interpret those ranges when the are high or love.


Quantitative Result Interpretation Reference Set

Purpose of Refset

The purpose of this reference set is to provide interpretive values for quantitative measurements as they pertain to a specified range.

Examples of what to include

High, abnormally high, low, critically low

Examples of what to exclude

Alert messaged provide to clinicians regarding the ranges.

Zero or one OR Zero or more

Zero or one

Editorial Guidelines

Does not include trend concepts such as improving

Similar SOLOR Refsets (assemblages)


Associated Value Sets

VSAC: Abnormal Interpretation of an Observation OID: 2.16.840.1.113762.1.4.1146.295 used for microbiology susceptibility results.