2014-08-25 Communications Committee meeting



Discussion items

  • Kick-off Communications Committee
    • Announce the creation of the committee and welcome others to join.
      • Describe the agenda of the committee
      • Solicite agenda items from the consortium members outside the committee
  • Discuss post-DC meetings communications 
    • Blog by Stan
    • Mass email to all members pointing to meeting page
      • Summary of the meeting
      • List of all attendees (and their organization)
      • Link to meeting notes & presentation materials
      • Link to a survey about the face-to-face meetings
      • Upcoming events page and link to it.
  • Create and publish some taking points (elevator pitch) of the HSPC
  • Determine on-going communication rhythm.
    • Newsletters
    • Blogs
    • Marketing campaigns
    • Press Releases
    • Announcements
    • etc.
  • Develop a consistent process for committees to be formed, operate, and document their meetings, decisions, discussions.
  • Determine process for HPSC wide communications
    • MailChimp
      • How does one request a message? Editing and publishing process.
      • Who has access?
  • What marketing and communication tools are we missing? (begin planning their implementation)
    • External Website
    • Branding materials & graphics
    • Marketing materials
      • One pager to distribute
      • An execute primer
    • Group discussion tool


HSPC Survey

Possible questions:

  • HSPC Meetings
    • Length of meeting
    • location
    • be more supportive remote attendees?
    • How would you like to receive the agenda?
  • HSPC Communications (preferred communications)

Action items

  • Eileen Rivera (Unlicensed) Draft the post meeting email  
  • Rick Freeman Create an HSPC wide calendar of events  
  • Rick Freeman Collect the list of attendees and their organizations from the DC meetings  
  • Build HSPC survey