Register Your App in the Logica Sandbox


This guide walks you through the process of registering your SMART on FHIR app with your Logica Sandbox.After your app has been successfully launched using a custom launch, you may register it.  When you register your application, you will receive your Logica Sandbox client_id.  You will also be able to supply an app logo, redirect URL, and scopes for your application.  Typically an application is hosted on a company server before registering it.

Inbound (Dynamic) Registration

Manual Registration

Precondition: Create an app manifest

A SMART app manifest is an emerging standard that allows an app to declare registration information within the app bundle or hosting.  A registering system, such as a sandbox or EHR, is able to use the manifest to dynamically register the app. See for details.

  "software_id": "org.logicahealth.bilirubin:bilirubin-risk-chart:1.0-SNAPSHOT",
  "client_name": "Bilirubin Risk Chart",
  "client_uri": "",
  "logo_uri": "",
  "launch_url": "",
  "redirect_uris": [
  "scope": "launch online_access patient/ patient/ patient/Observation.write",
  "token_endpoint_auth_method": "none",
  "grant_types": [
  "fhir_versions": [
    "1.0.2", "1.4", "1.6", "1.8"

Precondition: None

Step 1: Select Register Inbound App

From your sandbox instance, select "Apps" - "Register Manifest".

Step 2: Enter Your App Base URL

Enter the base URL of your hosted application.  The hosted app must meet these criteria:

  1. Contains .well-known/smart/manifest.json at the Base URL path
  2. Is hosted on HTTPS
  3. Contains proper CORS headers

Notice that your manifest is used to register your application!

Step 1: Select Register New App Manually

From your sandbox instance, select "Apps" - "Register Manually".

Step 2: Enter Information for Your App