Launch Your App from the Logica Sandbox


This guide walks you through the process of launching your SMART on FHIR app from the Logica Sandbox. As you build your app, you will want to launch it several times to test out functionality, the user interface, and clinical scenarios.  The Logica Sandbox is designed to handle these needs.  You can create your own free Logica account and Logica Sandbox at

Build a new Launch Scenario

A launch scenario is a repeatable clinical scenario involving an app launching.  The Logica sandbox supports several different types of launch scenarios.  Types of scenarios include a practitioner sign in into the EHR and opening an application with or without a patient, or a patient signing into the patient portal and opening an application.  Standalone launches aren't handled through this interface as they are not launched by the EHR, but launch themselves.

Practitioner Launch Scenario

While a practitioner is using their EHR they launch a SMART on FHIR app without a patient in context. For example, a practitioner could launch a SMART on FHIR scheduling app that shows a list of appointments they have for the day. 

Practitioner-Patient Launch Scenario

A practitioner opens the EHR and selects a patient.  This brings the patient into the context of the EHR.  The practitioner then opens an app.

Patient Launch Scenario

A patient signs into the patient portal and opens an app.

Patient-Related Person Scenario

(Not currently supported) A related person signs into the patient portal and selects the patient (for example, their father or child).  The related person then opens an app.

Enter a Custom Launch

Before your application is ready to be registered, it is helpful to test it out.  Often testing the app is done from the developers localhost.  You can use the custom launch dialog to specify your client id and launch URL.  An example of a localhost launch is:

Register Your App

Once you are able to launch your app using a custom launch, you may register it.  See Register Your App in the Logica Sandbox for details.