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2018 HSPC Roadmap (Final)

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HSPC Roadmap Ballot Version

This roadmap version is intended to be the version for voting with the HSPC community.  Through January 5th, this document is open for review and validation to provide quality assurance that prior comments have been accurately and faithfully adjudicated and accommodated as discussed.  Any new comments will be logged for update in future versions of the document.  Voting is anticipated to commence in early January 2018.

A revised errata sheet is being finalized and will be posted here.

12/12/2017This is the first release candidate document for the community review.  This version will undergo a scrub edit that will address exclusively readability, typographic, and format issues.  This will be in parallel with the community review.  If essential content arrives before that review and we are able to accommodate its inclusion, we will do so, but we make no promises.
12/1/2017Current integrated draft as of 3:00p December 1st. 

Updated documents and action plans for Roadmap Alpha Recovery efforts.  On today's teleconference, the group agreed to target 1 December, noon EST as the completion date for this round of edits.

Ownership of action items is in the Remediation document.  Please contact Ken if any particular action items is mis-assigned.


Integrated Remediation Comments for Alpha Draft

This document consolidates all of the "substantive" feedback received on the Alpha document and identifies a preliminary remediation strategy.  To be discussed at HSPC Working Session.


10/4/2017 Updated Graphic

HSPC 2017-2018 Roadmap Document

Alpha Release 001


Note that this is being made available primarily for HSPC Community Review. 

You will find release notes after the Table of Contents.

Feedback is requested by 14 October.  See the document for details.

Call Calendar

Note that the HSPC Roadmap activities are limited to HSPC members. 
Once complete, the Roadmap document will be publicly available to any interested party.

ActivityTimeslotCall DetailsLeader/Facilitator
Roadmap "All Community" CallFridays, 3:30p EDT

Online Meeting Link:

Online Meeting ID: ken_rubin7

(the meeting is VOIP enabled.  For those not using VOIP, use the dial-in below):

US Dial-in: (515) 604-9328

Access Code: 449971

International Dial-in:

"Content" Segment Development Call

"Context" Segment Development Call

"Platform" Segment Development CallThurs, 1:00p EDT

Agendas and Minutes

DateEventReference Links

HSPC Roadmap Face to Face meeting

Department of Veterans Affairs

1800 G ST NW, District of Columbia, 20006

4th floor conference rooms

Primary Meeting Room


Breakout Session


2017-06-27Face-to-Face Meeting (Salt Lake City)  Outcomes and Minutes
2017-06-09HSPC Roadmap meeting notes wit swimlane definitions
2017-04-28Call Minutes2017-04-28 HSPC Roadmap Call.docx

Working Documents  (For the Authoring Team)

Posting DateDocument
2017-10-04Integrated T-Map Graphic Post Alpha Release - Powerpoint2017-10 HSPC T-Map Alpha v004.pptx


This is an integrated draft of the Roadmap document, and substantially complete.  The T-Map graphic still needs update and there are content holes and some formatting inconsistency.  Please review for acceptability as a releasable Beta Draft

2017-18 HSPC Interoperability Roadmap Beta RC1.docx

Roadmap Document - Integrated Second Cut

WARNING – Many of the caveats below apply, but there has been some substantial updating.

2017-18 HSPC Interoperability Roadmap Beta v006.docx

Roadmap Document - Integrated First Cut

WARNING – this document is mid-edit and still has many holes and is widely inconsistent.  That said, the structure is taking shape and all authored material to date has been integrated with harmonization underway.  Note that sections in yellow highlight are undergoing active revision.

2017-18 HSPC Interoperability Roadmap Beta v005.docx

Roadmap Milestone Metadata Description

This document defines the minimum essential metadata set
describing milestones to be included in the Roadmap document.

2017-08 HSPC Roadmap Milestone Metadata Detail.docx
2017-08-02Interop Roadmap Skeleton Document

Platform/Software updates by Scott N.  

2017-09-21 Business Roadmap Discussion 

2017-Aug 1 - HSPC Community Roadmap Business Subgroup RC3.pptx

2017-08 HSPC Roadmap Milestone Metadata Detail (1).docx

2017-07 HSPC Interoperability Roadmap ALPHA RC1a.docx

Business- RoadMap Draft.pptx

2017-09-22Security/Privacy Swimlane Content DraftESSENTIAL SET METADATA SecPriv.docx
2017-09-25Business Roadmap Swimlane content

Business- RoadMap Draft.pptx

RoadMap Draft.pptx

2017-08 HSPC Roadmap Enterprise Workgroup Roadmap Combined.docx