Logica Sandbox


The FHIR Sandbox is a system for app developers to create apps.

 A user of the FHIR Sandbox has the ability to create sandboxes.  Each sandbox has an isolated dataset, tools, and launch support so an app developer can create real-world scenarios to try out their app. 

Sandbox Instance

A Sandbox is an environment where you can launch and test your apps, build datasets, and collaborate with other developers.

Sandbox Launch Scenarios

A sandbox launch scenario is used to simulate a clinical use case or situation.

Sandbox Persona

A sandbox persona is a user used for authenticating when launching an app. A Persona is tied to either a Practitioner or Patient FHIR Resource. 

Sandbox Patients

The Sandbox Patients is a listing of all of the patients that are loaded into your Sandbox.  

Sandbox Practitioners

Sandbox Practitioners are FHIR practitioner resources that exist in your sandbox.

Sandbox Registered Apps

The Registered Apps is a listing of all of the SMART on FHIR apps that are registered with your sandbox. These apps may be selected from a catalog of apps or may be registered by a member of your sandbox.

Sandbox Versions

Sandbox Profiles

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